Plato Academy is a NUT-FREE school. No items that contain or “may contain” nuts of any kind are allowed in the school. Items marked “produced in a facility that also handles nuts” are permitted. Any food brought for students other than your own child(ren) must be dropped off in the office. Candy, cakes or frosted items are not permitted. Please visit the Safe Snack Guide for allergen-free snacks.

Students are welcome to bring a NUT-FREE lunch from home. Lunch bins will be located outside of individual classrooms for children’s lunch boxes. Children should place lunches in the bin each morning when they arrive at their classroom unless they are signed up for the hot lunch program.

We offer a hot lunch program for students who choose not to bring a lunch from home. It is a two-month commitment and served five (5) days a week (except for PTO-sponsored special lunches). We use Charcoal Flame for the hot lunch program. The menu will include (but is not limited to) the following items: grilled chicken kabobs, gyros, hamburgers, all beef hotdogs, spinach pie, chicken strips. In addition to entrée items, students will receive a starch, vegetable and fruit each day.

To sign up for hot lunch, please contact the school office and your school account will be billed accordingly.

Aug-Sept Lunch Menu

The Illinois State Board of Education has approved Plato Academy for the milk program. A portion of the expense is paid by the state; however there will be a minimal cost to the families participating. All milk supplied is 1% and you have a choice between white or chocolate milk. If you choose to participate, the cost is $75.00 for each child for the entire school year.

Student birthday celebrations should be planned with the classroom teacher. They are limited to a 15-minute celebration. Class lunches are not permitted.