***NEW UPDATE***By Executive Order on Wednesday, April 1, Governor JB Pritzker extended statewide school closure through Thursday, April 30, 2020.

“Do not train youth to learning by force or harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so you may discover with accuracy the regular bent of the genius of each…”
Plato, The Republic

¨… Μή τοίνυν βία είπον, ώ άρεστε, τούς παίδας εν τοίς μαθήμασιν αλλά παιζοντας τρέφε, ίνα καί μάλλον οίός τής καθαραν έφ ο έκαστος πέφυκεν  …¨ -Πλάτων, Πολιτεία

Welcome to Plato Academy, a place where each student has a voice. Our goal is to nurture children who will become capable and competent individuals. Competence results from determination and genuine effort. Students are challenged through thoughtful conversations with their teachers and encouraged to take risks in order to become true problem solvers.

The curriculum is driven by student interest and designed by teachers to meet the needs of all students. Plato Academy curriculum is interdisciplinary and includes a true commitment to the arts. We intend for all students to have a well-rounded learning experience that emphasizes intellect and character. In preparation of becoming the citizens of tomorrow, Plato Academy curriculum also involves students in service to the community. Plato graduates go to high school confidently prepared for success. Our graduates are accepted by the finest college prep high schools and go on to distinguish themselves at the colleges of their choice.If you are visiting our school’s site for the first time, I invite you to take a closer look at our philosophy and curriculum and the information for prospective families.– Marianthi Koritsaris M. Ed.

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