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Kindergarten/1st Grade

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My classroom is one of my favorite places to be. This is my 8th year teaching at Plato Academy. Plato emphasizes the four C’s: critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. The “project approach” we use requires more hands-on participation from both students and teachers. I guide my students to search out and discover answers for themselves which I believe reflects the strength of an American education. Most schools have a mission statement declaring they engage all students, they differentiate to each individual’s needs and they promote lifelong learning. At Plato Academy, this is more than just a mission statement. My students are encouraged to be out of their seats working together, sometimes loudly, and creatively searching for solutions to problems by using their critical thinking skills. The person in the classroom doing the most talking is doing the most learning. So why do so many teachers work so hard to keep their class quiet? Instead, I join them in this process and learn as much as they do. I look forward to making many cherished memories alongside my students. To be a part of this experience fills me with joy and reminds me of why, ever since the first day of kindergarten, I have yearned to be a teacher, and why I still want to teach more than anything else.

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