Welcome to Ms. Bia’s and Mr. Foti’s Classroom!
1st/2nd Grade

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Hi, I’m Bia!  For the past few years, I have been teaching in Winnetka bringing my Reggio-Emilia experience into the classroom. I am thrilled to now bring this experience into my classroom here at Plato Academy! I am so happy to be working in an environment that fosters constructivism and puts the students’ needs ahead of everything else.



Hi, I’m Mr. Foti and I am excited to teach at Plato this year! I have planned literacy and math curriculum for the Working in the Schools initiative and I’m excited to bring that experience into the classroom here. I speak French and Modern Greek and am an accomplished chess player and a classical pianist. I have many creative ideas for the classroom and I’m excited to create an environment where students are challenged and intrigued each day!

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